Co-Sleeping Benefits


By Judy Arnall


In many parts of the world, parents and babies sleep together.  It is a viable sleeping option for parents, babies and children of all ages.



Benefits of Co-sleeping









It’s true that babies and young children love to sleep with their parents.  It makes them feel safe, secure, happy, contented and loved.  Some children have longer dependency needs then others and may stay until preschool and school aged.  Other children are fiercely independent and may want to  share a bed  with siblings or sleep on their own.  Research consistently shows that the sooner a child’s security needs are met, the faster they become independent, so it’s in the child’s and parent’s best interests to let the child decide when and where they will sleep alone.




Many parents move the child to their own bed after they fall asleep and then have time and space to be romantic.  Other parents choose the guest room or sofa to have sex.  Variety of settings, adds spice and excitement to the relationship.



There are no studies that show that co-sleeping does a baby or child any emotional or psychological harm.




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