Typical from ages 1- 3.5 years or when old enough to be sufficiently verbal.


Occurs when child has a desire but canít understand their physical, mental, emotional or social limitations.Child canít verbalize feelings of anger and frustration, and express feelings by screaming, crying, and body language.







Prevention:Food, rest, stimulation, or sleep when needed.Watch for and prevent triggers.Change activity.Try and meet needs as soon as possible.

Handling:Stay with child.Use soft firm voice.Encourage deep breaths.

After:Wait for calm after storm.Again, try and meet needs for rest, food, etc. as soon as possible.Label childís emotions and give her the words to use so she develops a Feeling Vocabulary.




Prevention:Give lots of choices.Acknowledge feelings of unhappiness.Pick your battles wisely.

Handling:Ignore behaviour if the child is safe.Use soft firm voice.Do not give in to childís desire.

After:Wait for calm after storm.Acknowledge feelings with feeling words so she develops a Feeling Vocabulary.Carry on with scheduled activity.



General Tips:


Realize it is a normal behaviour Ė donít be embarrassed.

Older kids are not immune.

Make surroundings safe.

Avoid showing anger to childís anger which can escalate intensity.Stay calm.



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