Your child is ready:


When he is uncomfortable in wet or dirty diapers.

When he notices he is peeing or having a BM.

When he can understand simple directions.

When he tells you by facial expressions that he needs to go.

When he is able to walk or run quickly to the bathroom.

When he is able to pull his pants up and down.

When he says and understands one word statements wet, dry, potty, go.

When his is able to stay dry for at least two hours or wakes up dry from a nap.

When there are a few well formed BMs a day rather then frequent little movements.

When he wants to be trained or asks to go or tells you when he is about to go.

When he is anxious to please you.

When he has a sense of social appropriateness (wet pants can be an embarrassment).


Your child is NOT ready:


If there is a change in their life: baby, move, caregiver.

He is going through a negative stage.

You want to train due to outside pressures: family, preschool, friends.

He has no interest or curiosity yet.


Are you ready?


Can you drop everything when he needs to go?

Can you accept accidents and setbacks with patience?

Is this a non-stressed time for you?


Suggested Reading


Your baby and child, by Dr. Penelope Leach

Toilet Training, by Vicki Lansky



Copyright Judy Arnall, 1997, May not be reproduced without permission.